GROW Calendar
GROW caters to children ages 0 -13.  We meet weekly on Thursday for our GROW Days.



Welcome to G.R.O.W.  an independent, unaffiliated group in Fairfield County founded in 2012 for home school families.


 G.R.O.W is designed to be a safe environment for nurturing children while giving them opportunities to socialize and interact with all ages.  Our focus is to build relationships and a foundation for our children to become Great Responsible Original and Wholesome while learning and having fun.


If you are thinking about making the decision to home school or are new to home school I encourage you to ask questions, share ideas and join in any activities or events that interest you.

 Whether you are a single parent, large family, thinking about home school, need support or have decided to un- school  G.R.O.W is a group that can be utilized by everyone as we share our home school ventures.


As a Christian mom I strive to apply  Biblical principles to the heart of every matter and teach my son character building in everyday life, but I have not limited this group to Christians only. G.R.O.W is a personable community that appreciates the parental rights and freedoms we have to home teach our children. Our individuality is what makes us unique and brings to the group a range of talents, skills, and ideas that we can share with each other.



The success of this group depends on your participation and communication.

Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.  - Proverbs 23:12